Monday 26 November 2007

NW3 Hampstead triumph

That's the end of the year then! The christmas lights have been switched on in Hampstead village - to my mind there is no surer sign that the year is coming to a close, the nights are so drawn in as to be closed and I've not done all the shopping I need to do.

So it's a huge well done to NW3Hampstead - the traders association for Hampstead village. Driven by the amazingly energetic Linda Chung with the help of a host of local shopkeepers and managers, it's a genuine effort to raise the profile and raise some good seasonal cheer. The musicians pictured above were just great and played for hours in what was pretty cold weather.

Gail Porter brilliantly hosted the Hampstead Christmas Show from 1pm and at 4.15pm Jon Culshaw did the actual deed of switching on the lights.

It's well done all round - the musicians who played all day, The William IV, Tesco, Mirage, the Ham and High, Keith Winn of Photo Craft, Jonathan Bergman of Amberden Estates, the various stewards (including the hat Chris Mason was wearing) - everyone who took part, joined in, came along and expecially those of you who gave to the charities.

And of course, thanks to Santa Claus for being there.

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