Monday 1 September 2008

Oh don't stop the carnival...

Hearing that there had been arrests at the Notting Hill Carnival I found myself really annoyed that the coverage focussed on the negative for what had been a major success.

The music, the atmosphere, the range of foods and smells was amazing and all this with over 1 million people present.

It says something when this can be used for a negative story - it's as though an unofficial media measure is how many people are arrested each year.

Of course such arrests as took place were partly due to the increased use of stop and search - which in this situation is probably the right use of such powers.

I wanted however, to reflect back out the amazing costumes and colours that I captured on my little camera.

Most of the traditions of africa and the carribean were represented and with them often their respective national pride - the Jamaican flag is in particular prominence, as well as some more westernised cultural themes.

But also there is the god corner (above left) as well as the just loud, garish and colourful.

The history of carnival can be traced to a wide range of events, issues and themes and more detail is given here

But what struck me is the importance of this event today. It's the must be at event of the calendar for many Londoners and a huge huge amount of preapration has gone in...

This carnival dates from the events of the 50's with the parade from the 1960's but of course as with all things there is a reasoning and tradition that goes back further to Trinidad, slavery and beyond.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but to most locals and even us who live in Kilburn, this event is something to be avoided! Noisey, dangerous and awful music. The people who actually live in Notting Hill dread this time of the year and many escape for the weekend if they can afford to.