Saturday 5 September 2009

The Queen Consort is dead, long live the Pub!

We're on Adelaide Road in Belsize and there is - surprise surprise - the Adelaide Pub.

The building is actually very striking and quite dominant and stylist - I had a sense that it was mid victorian build and a bit of digging suggests that it is about 1850.

It's named after Queen Adelaide, wife of William IV.

She was born in Germany in 1792, married William in 1818 and was crowned Queen Consort in 1831. William had died in 1837 but the popular Queen Adelaide survived him for a further 12 years, eventually dying on the 2nd December 1849.

There then ensued a fashion that named a number of pubs after the widowed Queen. The name Queen Adelaide particularly came to popularity in 1850 (just after her death) - I haven't checked the births and baptism records but I suspect that along with the naming of pubs there was also the naming of children!

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