Wednesday 16 December 2009

Countdown to Christmas. Day 16 - a collection for the restoration fund

Getting old buildings back into community use is incredibly difficult and usually there are one or two individuals responsible - St Stephen's in Hampstead is just such an example.

This picture was taken earlier in the year as the restoration programme was in full swing and it was especially gratifying that at the Heath and Hampstead AGM two years ago Michael Taylor, who has lead the work, asked that the heath and hampstead use the old church when re-opened.

And so some time later we all gathered there for the Christmas Party and saw the church open in fascinatingly candle and low level lighting lit.

It was a delight and one for any budding photographer...

I've covered it before and indeed this year:

Impressed with the restoration? Make them a donation - they still need the support and the help.

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