Friday 26 March 2010

Just 474 more votes - writ large...

For too many weeks we have had to endure billboards of David Cameron and the Tory Party - funded from abroad...

I'm proud and delighted that local residents, friends of mine, supporters, people who live here in NW6, NW3 agreed to fund a specific number of billboards in support of our campaign for a new type of local MP.

The first of these has gone up in Hilltop Road, near Swiss Cottage and received quite a lot of comment judging by my e-mail in-box!

Enjoy! :-)



LB said...

Or do you mean Hilgrove Road?

Simon W said...

As a LD supporter for a number of years, can I make one comment regarding your "474 votes to win" slogan - simply, is that it?

It strikes me that this emphasises none of the positive reasons why one would vote LD - fairer taxes, a reformed H of C and voting system, a firmer commitment to environmental issues, phased budget cuts across the public sector which doesn't treat any one area as a sacred cow, banking reform etc - and only the negative - you're not GJ and "one last heave" can get her out. And then what?

To be honest, that's hardly inspirational and arguably short sells all of the positive policies above, which is a pity, given CP is eminently beatable and his campaign isn't inspired either, even if he did manage to get himself into the camera shot at DC's campaign launch.

What happens next?

Simon W said...

Curious why my comment of yesterday never appeared, given it was in no way insulting, defamatory or anti-LD.

Hustings on 14 April should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I would like to vote for you mainly because of your interest in the area and local history but I worry about that trip you made to Israel. Did you pay for it or were you a "guest" of any particular Israeli outfit?
So many politicians, miltary and police officials are brought to Israel to indoctrinate them and who knows if they are blackmailed whilst there?
Are you a member of the Liberal Democrats Friends of "Israel" ?