Friday 30 November 2007

Sarah Teather's profile is so strong

I've just had a constituent on the phone - from Swiss Cottage ward - they have rarely voted in elections, they usually watch Question Time and last night they did again. Sarah Teather MP was the Lib Dem on the panel and the constituent says Sarah was truly inspirational. Her clarity, straight answers and plain speaking stood out from the rest of the panel.

It's true of course, Sarah is one of our most articulate, impressive and conscientious MPs and an astonishingly effective media performer, but it is good when people take the time to ring and express it.

I didn't see Question Time (I was at the Camden police meeting - see previous posting), but will be taking time to see it on 'listen again'.
Well done Sarah, keep up the good work.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ed,
Sarah appears to be getting better & better each time I hear her.
I hope she keeps her style & doesnt lose it as she developes.
She has some clear advantages at present - which make her stand out from the usual political crowd - her phyiscal appearance, sex, youth and her style.A good asset for Liberalism.