Saturday 16 February 2008

Railway history gold-dust

I spotted this by pure accident and I'm still excited.

I was just popping into the Kilburn Bookshop - independent, great local collection, some signed books and some good cards for specal friends - and as I came out of the shop I glanced over the road and there it was - bold as brass.

Kilburn High Road Station has been sorted of tidied up and is next to a Locksmith and Kebab shop - neither worthy of much note and then I looked up:

The old railway sign is still visible,


just above the shop fronts of the two shops - I couldn't quite believe my ayes and risked life and limb walking into the road to capture these two snaps - naught much, but an insight into Kilburn's prouder railway past...

I have somewhere a pic of the station in yesteryear... but can any Kilburn readers beat me to what the rest of the sign should/did say?

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Mark Valladares said...


The answer is Kilburn and Maida Vale...