Tuesday 8 April 2008

The 100th and the 50th anniversaries of liberalism

Today 8th April is the 100th anniversary of the accession of Herbert Asquith as Prime Minister.

For the occasion I can bring a picture taken just last week of a group of descendants, Henry Brand (great-great grandson), Virginia Brand, nee Bonham Carter (great grand-daughter), me (unrelated), Violet Brand (great-great grand-daughter), Baroness Jane Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury (great grand-daughter), Lady Leslie Bonham Carter (Mark Bonham Carter's widow) and Adam Ridley (Mark's nephew and Asquith's great grandson).

It's all quite appropriate as it follows fast on the heels of the 50th anniversity of the Torrington by-election which saw the election of Asquith's grandson Mark Bonham Carter.

So I'm uploading here some of the pictures we took on this gathering of the Asquith descendants... http://474towin.blogspot.com/2008/03/bonham-carters-of-torrington-and-queens.html

The star of the show was of course Leslie, Mark's widow, but it was drawn together by daughter Virginia.
Lady Bonham-Carter (Leslie) brought along the family scrap book which was just amazing to flick through and appreciate.
A stunning evening rather amusingly in the Lloyd George Room not the Violet Bonham Carter Room. :-)

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