Saturday 9 August 2008

Off to Washington!

I don't know if there is a local CAMRA branch - I assume there is - but wow could North london benefit from a local pub guide.

There are some great local hostelries and this one in England's Lane is no exception.

The Washington is always assumed to be named after American President George, but in fact it's not at all.

The pub is in fact named after Mr Washington who was the principle builder when the development of Eton Avenue was taking place.

Edward Bliss was the landowner who led the redevelopment of England's Lane and was probably the era at which Mr Washington was 'a building' (1815-1825 ish)

It's a great misunderstanding and one that is widely perpetuated, not least by the slightly mournful picture of American George on the corner/front of the building in the pub-sign.

Either way at least it's not the carrott and lettuce!


Duncan Borrowman said...

The Washington was an early favourite of mine when I lived in Belsize Square and my ex was a student nurse living in the nurses home at the corner of Englands Lane and Haverstock Hill. That was 30 years ago this summer. A permanent fixture was the actor Ronald Fraser sat in a corner. Back then CAMRA investments owned a pub in Hampstead, the Nags Head at 79-81 Heath Street. There is a local CAMRA branch. Google camra north london.

Anonymous said...

According to the "Streets of Belsize" Camden History Society it was built in 1865 and is listed. However, they do assume it is named after the General. It was built by Daniel Tidey and named after the place he came from, ie Washington, Sussex. See article by Mary Shenai Fashion family and fortune in "Belsize 2000". Mary Shenai suggests the association with General Washington came with new ownership and a facelift in the 1890s.