Thursday 9 October 2008

In the age of the mobile phone...

Well, I suppose the advent of the mobile phone always meant that phone boxes would fade and it's been coming for a while

But this feels like one of the oddest pcitures I have seen for a while.

It's taken on Hampstead High Street - it's just next to the still open, long-queue Post Office.

There are two phone booths, but one, as you can see is empty, gutted.

I find myself split over phone boxes, having had to use one the other day I found that I didn't carry the right change, that the price had gone up of calls and that in fact this 'cash call' cost much more than from my mobile phone and that most scary of all I don't remember mobile numbers any more. My phone remembers the numbers for me...

There's currently a consultation taking place that gives phone companies the ability to remove vast swathes of current provision, but it also has a clause enabling local councils to veto the removal.

Times they are a changing ...

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