Tuesday 9 December 2008


So what's the claim to fame here in sunny Kilburn - lots of people seem to think that the fading Irish tradition of kilburn, currently being replaced by an amazing multi-cultural character is the history of Kilburn.

In fact it is one of the oldest communities in London - dating from when the Roman Emperor Claudius invaded and conquered Britain in AD 43 and build Watling Street in AD 44.

This bust here is from the statue of Claudius that was destroyed in the sacking by Boudicca during her rebellion against the empire.

So is there any real reason why we don't celebrate the history of our area?

Lots of smaller market towns have plaques saying "Queen Victoria stayed here" and the like - why don't we have plaques and statues to the Emperors of Rome who we know marched up and down the High Road (the Watling Street)?

More Roman Imperial visitors to come... watch this space

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