Tuesday 10 February 2009

West Hampstead's night time economy

One of the dominant features of West Hampstead today is the social networks that percolate down West End Lane.

It feels like a veritable fortress of successful thiry-somethings (and fourty-plus things!) who like life and add a great youthful vigour to proceedings in this part of town.

One of the consequences, however, is that the night-time economy moves and almost literally changes very quickly.

Here on the corner of Inglewood Road (?) we have the forthcoming attraction of The West Hampstead Alice House Bar...

It's become quite a fashionable haunt being brilliantly located on West End Lane and close to the highly residential streets immediately behind it (Sumatra, Dennington Park Road etc.)

West Hampstead has really changed over time and now has actually few traditional watering holes - the Lion has spruced up, but with this exception there are very few old style boozers - leaving just The Alliance and The Railway really.


It is effectively just opposite my favourite haunt - the Wet Fish Cafe which still trumps most places for quality, charm and atmosphere...


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