Tuesday 14 April 2009

Don't pause for breath, you might miss the next change!

Yesterday I put up the changes with the entry of a new enlarged Poundland storesin Kilburn, here's the next one.

It's the other consequence of commercial change - when one iconic store closes - another opens - but without the same level of historic affection and iconography.

The fall of Woolworths was pretty widely commented upon as the illustration of how severe the recession is and was covered on this blog


Iceland of course has a certain irony as the Icelandic Banks have been pretty newsworthy and Iceland stores is a part of that family.

But here on ye olde Kilburn High Road time waits for no-one and in have come Iceland stores... don;t get in the way.

It's a very simple and clever marketing operation and has a branding strategy that most companies would die for. Simple, clear and memorable.

There is something fascinatingly effective and ruthless with the low-income targetted stores and boy do they know how to milk it...

Many people almost literally grew up on Woolworth's through the 20's, 30's and 50's and since. Are Poundland and Iceland going to exercise the same level of grip on the shopping affections of the current generations' memories?

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