Thursday 26 November 2009

Swiss Cottage school's former occupant: raffish and a cad

This is one of those 'independent' plaques that springs up from time to time - but this one is on Swiss Cottage school.

It's not the most obvious site and when you realise it's the car mechanic Bentley you have great visions of the nature of either the grand rolling gated entrance house or of a sprawling garage laden house and grounds...

He had a long life and was married three times, his last wife only passing away in 1989.

Few of the on-line biographies give that much away to his character but I get a sense of a cad and a somewhat raffish type of chap - very much a person of the post Victorian Edwardian era - fashionable at the peak of the 1920's flappers, he won Le Mans race in 1924.

More on W.O. Bentley here

But for a better insight into the excitement of the lifestyle and fame he enjoyed:

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