Friday 1 January 2010

Blog-log Day 3 - the white city of Bauhaus

Regular readers of this blog knew it was coming at some point - I was always going to reflect the amazing architecture of Tel Aviv.

It is the singlemost feature that struck me when I was first here and not much has changed. Well, there's a slight sense of an economic down-turn in the air which might reflect the slightly un-maintained housing, but the city remains awash with architectural gems.

In short most of it is from the Bauhaus tradition - it's essentially minimalist - reflects the beauty of white, simplicity and using the cleverness of lines and sight.

The effect is great sweeping balconies and structured mirror images in what might otherwise be very ordinary properties. Tel Aviv was the beneficiary of the 1930's wave of architects who fled Nazi Germany and brought the tradition from there to Tel Aviv.

The Cinema in Tel Aviv is world famous and is I think quite literally a former cinema now a Hotel and is connected and managed by the same team as the Central Hotel.

It's just on the junction of Dizengoff central junction - which has a serious pedestrian flyover with water fountain from it's former flower bed layout - presumably to cope with the traffic!

The result is a city with loads of Bauhaus architectural treasures hidden away on streets and corners. This is just a brief reflection of them and does them no justice at all.

But it was this Bauhaus tradition that led to Tel Aviv getting world UNESCO preservation status and securing a special place in the hearts of those who have visited and seen it gleaming for themselves.

The last picture just seemed to take up the theme of being the White City....

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