Friday 19 February 2010

The local landmark between Kilburn and Willesden

Chrich Church is a stunning landmark over Brondesbury looking down to Kilburn.

Work on the Church started in 1865 and it is a classic of it's time - a daughter church of St Mary's, Willesden, the church was opened by the Bishop of London on 21st November 1866.

It was widely acknowledged as a local landmakr and in the centenary of Michael Faraday's discovery of electricity was lit up in 1931.


Anonymous said...

Faraday created the electric dynamo. Alessandro Volta invented the voltaic battery and the first transmission of power from 1800. There were earlier studies of the phenomenon of electricity going back over two thousand years.

It is Christ Church.

Anonymous said...

It has now been converted into tacky flats!
When it was built it stood alone surrounded by open fields.