Sunday 17 April 2011

Is this art?

All I really know is that I saw this on the back wall of Boradhurst Gardens, from West Hampstead Tube station and thought wow!

It stands out and is impressive and colourful - I was also interested to be joined by three other travellers who were admiring it...

The reality is railway graffiti is the norm now but with some basic imagination it could be developed... some of the graffiti is abusive and incredibly tatty and undermines a building and the area.

So perhaps as part of the London elections next year there could be an intelligent engagement on the issue and the tat cleared away and the space yielded up for better, more artistic features - such as this one?

1 comment:

Dominic said...

Surely the opinion of the owner of the property in question that has been so vandalised is the primary one that counts?

I'm afraid I'm on the "wipe it out and prosecute the vandals who perpetrate such degradation of the environment" side...