Friday 25 January 2008

The Spotlight record of "all year round and certainly not just at election time"

The Spotlight Team all year round and not just at election time is a mantra we know and love in Fortune Green and West Hampstead.

The main reason it is so good is that it is true - for 32 years the Liberal Democrats (and the predecessor parties) have produced and delivered the Spotlight newsletter month after month, year after year.

And it's not a propaganda piece - it deals with real street and resident issues. Over the years it has dealt with virtually every possible topic.

So, with the by-election date set for 21st February Nancy Jirira is putting herself forward to be the new member of the local Lib Dem Spotlight Team. Flick Rea leads the team and is backing Nancy to win in the election.

Nancy herself is no stranger to Spotlight - having lived in the area for 30 years it's a publication she knows well.

So what's the significance of the leaflets? In short it is one of the core beliefs and approaches for liberal and democrats - that elected politicians should keep in touch, that they are better representatives from such interactions and that if you seek to represent residents you should give them a chance to know what you are doing and feedback comments, suggestions and more. The belief in community politics as a philosophy was articulated in the Liberal party in the 1970's and has taken root up and down the country - Fortune Green ward (and before that West End ward) has been a beneficiary from those early days... and with the support of local residents, many many more to come.

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