Tuesday 22 July 2008

Butchers - and then there was one

With the closure of Steele's in Flask Walk the end of butchers in north london seemed terminal, when I was reminded that there was a butcher in South End Green - just on parliament hill.

Sadly now long gone, but happily this shop front preserved...

For old time's sake I have put in the link for the Steele's pictures below.

In line with the Ham and High this week I ought to point out that for over 100 years Barrett's have operated in England's Lane and anyone who wants advice and quality from a good local butchers would be advised to head there...

Here is the notice that sat in the window of Flask Walk butchers - currently being used as a store by the local traders... whoever moves in i just hope they keep the blood red tiled interior so typical of old butchers and fish shops.


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Anonymous said...

There was a butcher in South End Green just on the edge of the Heath that closed about 15 years ago. It's now an expensive coffee shop.The tiles can still be seen inside.
It might be called Polly's or something similar.