Thursday 17 July 2008

The sandpit, the cycling and the community choir

The Kilburn Festival is now a fixed date in the annual calendar for north london and this year was no exception.

It was great weather and for one of the most deceptively large parks in north london is was a superb event: dancing, music, stalls, food (wow, food!) it was really good...

A huge thank you to Caroline Bourne and her team at the Kilburn partnership - it was a real credit to their power of organisation, motivation and teamwork.

The festival is is it's ninth year - roll on many many more...

The dancers, the recycling facilities, the youth council, support from Thames Water, the food was just wow - truly - I walked past just inhaling the smells and the atmosphere at least four times! The Community Choir was especially impressive - singers of all backgrounds and abilities and they did rather steal the show. I'm very pleased 'cos i know how much David Abrahams was worrying, but he need not have worried. Oh and we shouldn't forget the sand-pit (thank-you Moran's), the cycling juice making machine (surely shome mishtake!)

Well done one and all!

LATE NOTE: I just want it to be crystal clear that I am in awe of the organisers of festival like this. However, I have failed in my post to name in my thanks the Kilburn Festival Committee - they drove the plans and delivered the day. I thanked others cos I come across them in my role on the Kilburn Partnership, but let the work of others (esp. the committee that actually did the work!!) not go unrecorded. It's a clarfication I'm more than happy to make. :-) Ed

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