Friday 24 October 2008

The many murals of Kilburn

I was wandering down the High Road early the other morning when I spied what I had noticed before but this time the florist/flower stall wasn't there.

This is precisely the sort of things that I am always on the look out to capture - works and features that you see, notice, remember even, but don't ever quite have the time to stop read, enjoy or fully absorb.

Now this mural - unlike the stunner under the Kilburn underground - has a different origin - what I like about it is the fundamental homespun atmosphere and design.

Close reading of it reveals that it was part of the Kilburn SRB (Single Regeneration Budget) scheme and I think is dated to 7th December 2002 (?).

Now I think there is a historical trick/tradition in one genre of art to put yourself into a painting - and I wonder looking at this whether this is what has happened here.

Two of the panels have white sillouettes of the team who i think might have been involved in the design and painting of the mural. In that context someone out there must know a little more about this and must be able to help identify who people are.

Gwan, gwan, gwan - take a few minutes next time you're on the High Road and have a look - it's under the arch just to the left of the Gaumont State Cinema - the arch under which the thousands of cinema goers poured out back onto the High Road after you had entered via the front entrance or side entrance on Willesden Lane... It's great.

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