Saturday 13 December 2008

Ian Dury and Woolworths on the High Road

One of the iconic features of the Kilburn High Road is Woolworths - it's true for many high streets and shopping areas but for Kilburn there is an added poignancy.

Ian Dury started off in Kilburn, he went to the Kilburn State as a boy and one of his first ever albums shows him photographed in front of the Kilburn High Road Woolworths. His first band was Kilburn and the High Roads and the first album for the Blockheads featured Woolies...

Now the demise looks likely we lose more than just Woolworths.

The BBC sites was today reporting this:

"In the Kilburn High Road store in north London, an ageing clientele were urgently fingering the final crockery and deciding that a remote-controlled plastic Tarantula was still not a sufficient bargain at £24.99, even at Christmas."

"The aisles looked like the final minutes of a hectic jumble sale, with two rival queues snaking up and down, customers stepping gingerly over the children's clothes scattered across the floor. Many eyed the likely wait and decided not to bother. "It's not worth it," one young woman was telling a friend on her mobile as she made for the door."


Anonymous said...

It is sad, I guess we will be left with yet another gaping hole for yet another £ shop...

When oh when is the re-generation going to begin?

A couple of £ shops are fine but just about all we have in Kilburn now are trash shops.

Anonymous said...

His name is Dury NOT Drury.