Wednesday 24 December 2008

Wow, these bits of architecture just litter the street...

It is pretty impressive, but the briefest stroll down Eton Avenue, NW3 is a joyful wander through architectural excellence.

There is something about the work that is almost casual - I think it derives from the fact that almost every building is adorned with the details and brickwork sufficient to please any home - unless you want minimalism.

Each doorway is different, each architrave has it's own distinction - it's as though each individual building has it's own specification.

Perhaps that was precisely what happened - you agreed to buy a house, a plot and you then sat down and from a catalogue you picked the brick work and style you wanted?

I have noticed that the same builders were often used in the local area and in fact the architect for Eton Avenue in Belsize is also the architect for Lyndhurst Gardens in Hampstead.

Many are dated, have signature plaques, have shiedls and coats of arms as well as small features of bronze, copper and moulded brick work.

It's truly remarkable and almost worthy of it's own detailed street study.

Much has been written about the development of the local area, but I'm not aware of a survey of each building. No doubt where there is listing, and we are after all in a conservation area, there is a record - but are the specific features captured, appreciated and catalogued?

I realise that it's not just the brickwork - but also the clever use of light, glass and the number of almost elevated conservatories really adds to the sense of spece in what is a very developed and built up area.

I've posted on the genre and the impact before:

I'm told that part of the archtectural development of the area was driven by the desire to achieve quality in the light of the Eton College connections - this is simply reflected in the naming of the roads of the area, but I'm not aware of direct eveidence linking the architecture to this heritage:
Eton Road
Eton Avenue
Kings Colleg Road
Merton Rise
Eton College Road
Fellows Road

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Conrad H. Roth said...

A list of the listed buildings on Eton Avenue here, with at least three architects involved: Amos Faulkner, Harry Measures, and Frederick Waller.