Monday 3 August 2009

It's Woolworths, but probably not Kilburn's

One of the great claims to fame for Kilburn is the credit brought to it by Ian Dury.

His first band (and though it's a bit unfair it was his band) was KILBURN AND THE HIGH ROADS.

Although many of the band members were from and hung around Harrow, clearly Kilburn was a dominant part of the NW London entertainment scene.

Being a collector and fascinated by the local area I've been out and boguht copies of the two albums that relate to this story.

The first (pictured left) is the album Wotabunch, 1978 Warner Brothers Records - sleeve design by Tony Littler FMM.

The second is the Ian Dury album New Boots and Panties, 1977 Stiff Records - recorded at the Old Workhouse on The Old Kent Road.

The second (pictured right) is taken outside a shop that is opposite Woolworths (see the reflection) and is often attributed to being on the Kilburn High Road.

Three problems with this - the first is Kilburn High Road is much wider than such a reflected IMHO, second it isn't directly attributable to Kilburn and third it is thought that where Kilburn's Woolworth's was is not opposite a shop like this...

Anyone in easy and direct contact with Dexter Dury to check it out - perhaps he remembers where this picture was taken with his Dad?

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Tetramesh said...

The picture was taken on Vauxhall Bridge Road very close to Victoria Station.