Friday 14 August 2009

Slip of the camera...

The statue to Sigmund Freud is a real delight - interesting, poise, character and similarity - all captured in this bronze just at the bottom of Fitzjohn's Avenue and the start of Belsize Lane.
It's on the land associated with the Tavistock NHS clinic
Freud was ground breaking in his theories and publicity for his theories and is one of the few people who's name has slipped into such widespread use in the laguague
Of course the crucial link with this location is that Freud - along with his wife Martha (this post listed Anna his daughter by mistake - see comment below) - lived at 20 Maresfield Gardens, Hampstead (of which more to follow). But that's why there is such a strong local link.
The number of residents who have a strong tradition of fleeing the persecution of Nazi Germany, regenerating the rich Jewish culutures here and developing the strong liberal tradition of arts and science make the local area what they are today.
Sigmund's house is preserved and accessible - full details here:

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Anonymous said...

Anna Freud was Sigmund's daughter.

The statue was not originally placed in this site on Belsize Lane. The sculptor was Oscar Nemon father of Aurelia Nemon-Stuart, wife of Lord George Young