Thursday 11 September 2008

Just how many schools are there in the local area?

NW3 has one of the highest concentrations of schools in any part of London - and this part of Belsize here in Eton Avenue is no exception.

At number 15 is Sarum Hall School - it has great character and an amzing atmosphere as a place for learning for children.

Founded in 1929 it is looking to it's 70th anniversary next year. Incredibly and you wouldn't know this from the outside looking at it - it takes 170 pupils between the ages of 3-11. It led me to think just how many schools are there hiding away in the area?

Interesting the long held historic links with Eton College are maintained and there is a plaque for the major rebuild/refurbishment that took place recording the re-opening by the provost of Eton College.

The area was in fact developed in the 1860's and was originally known as Bursars Road - the links to the Eton estate are reflected in the street names of Belsize. The context is that the Eton College Estates was part of the Manor of Chalcots, first the property of St Jame's Leper Hospital at Westminster. In 1449 Henry V1th granted the estate to Eton College as part of the wider endowment of that College. Thus it lay agriculturally generating income and local taxes as a rural area until the 1820's boom of property redevelopment and housebuilding began to encroach.

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Anonymous said...

There are 33 independent schools in Camden according to this council link. Many if not most are in NW3.