Wednesday 24 September 2008

Arts and Crafts movement in NW3

Well, when I started this blog I'm not sure what my expectations were.

I knew I was up for architecture, history and fascinating insights into the character of our local community.

But I didn't for a minute think I would be doing a post on the nature of a roof, but here we are. I was going to my meeting of School Council at UCS and I saw this amazing tiled roof - it's on the corner of Arkwright Road and Fitzjohn's Avenue and is truly impressive.

I've put a small snap on the right hand side so readers can double click and get a large blown up quality pic...

Now I like the idea of this sortof thing but every tile has been laid by hand, the sense of detail, the time, the effort required is vast...

Now I also know these houses are large and therefore were the domain of the rich and wealthy, but nonetheless it is reflective of the arts and crafts tradition - not only was this a commitment to a more rustic pride and tradition, but it was an appreciation of quality and a lifestyle that aspired to be the best for everyone.

The reality was that Arts and Crafts movement was actually a middle and upper class preserve, but the intent was a good one and the fruits can be seen here today in NW3...

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