Friday 19 June 2009

French food and the army

We're back in the Kensal Green Cemetary - without a doubt the most underplayed attraction in the local area
The Gurkha Grave is quite something - the range of archtiectural gems are just great - but there was also this incredible war memorial...
The wreath which was laid on the memorial had the card which read:
Laid on behalf of the Army
Catering Corps
and Royal Logistic Corps
Associations in recognition
of the improvement made
to military catering dering
and after the Crimean War
by Alexis Benoit Soyer
Dedicated on 30th March 2009 at the unveiling of the restored monument to her.
Now the shrewd and speedy amongst you will have noted the Alexis and the use of 'her' - let me try and work it out.
The tribute from the Army is to Alexis (him) and the monument is a tribute by Alexis to his wife Elizabeth Emma Soyer (nee Jones), who died in 1842 following complications suffered in a premature childbirth brought on by a thunderstorm.
On the inscription on the back she is referred to as Madame Soyer!

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