Thursday 18 June 2009

Hero's and Tragedies

This post relates directly to the charming gem that is Postman's Park in the City of London.

The park has amazing charm and is so peacefull and it draws on a Victorian Philanthropic tradition that feels like it has passed away in public institutions but still survives in human nature.

The Park is not in the local area nor any direct or indirect connection with Hampstead and Kilburn - bar there are four of the memorial plaques there that relate to 'locals'.

Henry Sisley of Kilburn
Aged 10 drowned in attempting to save his brother after he himself had just been rescued
May 24th 1878

Thomas Simpson
Died of exhaustion after saving many lives from the breaking ice at Highgate Ponds
Jan 25th 1885

Samuel Rabbeth
Medical Officer of the Royal Free Hospital who tried to save a child suffering from piphtheria at the cost of his own life
October 26th 1884

Edward Blake,
drowned whilst skating at Welsh Harp Waters Hendon in the attempt to rescue two unknown girls Feb 5th 1895

The Park is stunning and especially stunning given the small size of it.'s_Park

More recently and brilliantly ( a great piece of modernity building on a historic legacy) a new plaque was added in 2007

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Anonymous said...

this is the park they use in the film closer - terrible film but good song 'blowers daughter'