Tuesday 1 September 2009

Charming - just totally charming

This blog has posted before about the Steele's pub, but just around the corner (almost behind) are the two mews named after Richard Steele.


Mews are quite common in this part of north London, but boy are these two charming and pretty. Dated to 1875 they are just lovely.

The cottage that preceeded the mews was demolished in the mid 1860's - it's quite possible that the arch that is dated 1875 is the last part of the construction over the previous couple of years.

This is just a gratuitous appreciation of them. :-)


Theo Blackwell's blog said...


Ed, why don't you ever have an opinion on some of the policies your council is pursuing?

Ed Fordham said...

Are poor Theo - lost every fight you've picked
rejected by the electorate and misunderstand the nature of community politics
Sad eh!

Anonymous said...

He has a point though ,this is supposed to be a political blog not a ramble through places that you may find interesting.
Do you really not have any opinions about the constituency problems that local people maybe facing.
Maybe even highlighting them and showing what you could do to help them?
How recession has affected the area , unemployment, crime, the divide between Kilburn and Hampstead and how these areas have very different needs?
Nothing , no opinion at all. Hmmmm... very strange.