Monday 28 September 2009

Slight hiccup in service

A number of factors have come together to create a delaye in postings and comments and content.

For which apologies.

Poor timing for a blog that features as number 21 in the top Lib Dem Blogs really - sorry about that - let normal services resume...

I should just add that there has been a sustained thread throughout this blog about the local community, especially it's history and past and capturing the current festivals and images that i sense may never be caught again. However, there is a stark thread of comments from some that says that this lacks edge - political commentary essentially. I would just say that the blogosphere has quite enough views in and across it - my views and opinions are hardly lacking and I find that this format works for me.

I'm not sure my own views on world affairs or providing an almost newspaper commentary would be particularly helpful. I happen to think that if there was a greater emphasis on the local agenda I am pursuing that the global environmental crisis might be lesser and that communities might be stronger... but dear readers, I fear this blog isn't going to take a sharp turn in a different direction - it remains resolutely local. :-)



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