Thursday 17 December 2009

Countdown to Christmas. Day 17 - one north star, 2 polar bears and a very busy Finchley Road

Given all of the outrage and hurrumph over The Golden Compass (will there be the sequels?) it seems only right to highlight our own bit of Northern Lights (no offense to anyone).
Of course in our instance it's just a pub on the Finchley Road but a great example of a coaching inn on a key part of road north and south.
The best bit I like is the sign and if you did nothing else wandering down to have a peek at the polar bear climbing apparently lazily over the sign... aaah, it's so sweet!

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Anonymous said...

looks like the catholic church has triumphed (is there a scarier phrase)and no further dark materials will be made - boooooooooooooooo