Monday 19 January 2009

Get ready at the back - this could be fun...

It's well over a year since the Ruach Church bought the Gaumont State Cinema in Kilburn and now in 2009 it looks like plans will be forthcoming for it to be re-opened this autumn.

Of course it won't be a cinema, it won't be a bingo hall, it will be primarily a place of worship - but I also sense that it will be something else as well.

The Ruach Church is a live, inter-active experience - they place great faith in people, in genuinely recognition of the pressure people face and in supporting families.

I have been to the Ruach Church in Brixton a couple of times now - and was there again on Sunday - and the warmth, sincerity and desire to make this project in Kilburn work is undoubted. (this picture is a small snap of Bishop John Francis in the current Ruach Church in Brixton).

Let me be very clear - I have my own faith, I'm not an evangelical - but the maintainence of the Gaumont State, the role of community, the commitment to the local area is such from the Ruach Church that I have little doubt that there is a bright future here.

Bishop John Francis is quite a powerhouse - of views, opinions and passion. For Kilburn we need to be ready, engaged and open to all - I think there are major gains for outreach work with the young, elderly and some of the most vulnerable by working with Ruach.

Further, I think the opportunities for looking after the Gaumont State, opening it up for public access, working with local schools - there is all to play for... what we now need as a community is a sustained dialogue that articulates a joint vision for what could be.

The prize is a better Kilburn, a stronger community, and more people wanting to make it even better... let's give it a go.

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