Friday 23 January 2009

Two shops merge into one unit

After the scare last year that Sainsbury's or an equivalent was going to move into Hampstead High Street the shops on the High Street were being watched nervously by residents and fellow traders.
In itself this might not be a problem but there was a wider fear that the current small shops would be amalgamated together, thus loosing a retail shop and that it would be a brash chain, thus loosing the local charm.
At a time of recession (official today!) there was a greater fear that shops would lie empty and rot would set in.
This an important little range of shops and they have great character.
Sadly it does look like two shops are becoming one unit, but the question of who it was to be was hanging in the air.
Now we have the answer: Zadig and Voltaire - a pretty exclusive chain which all adds to the local reputation.
Good luck to them as they open for business.
I hope they join NW3 Hampstead - the local traders association. :-)

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