Monday 26 January 2009

We've finished with it - remove it!

These cursed phone boxes litter the local area in a very specific limited number of locations and are absolutely impossible to get rid of.

I know of one dogged Brent councillor who managed to get one removed but for the most part they lie on the street, unused, disconnected (for phone calls), increasingly neglected and damaged...

But becuase the firm that put them up doesn't exist there appears to be some kind of arcane reason why they can't be taken down by the Local Authority (in this case Brent).

Well, there's a new way in town and it occurred here on the Kilburn High Road - badly damaged by a passing truck and it was removed as dangerous.

There is one on Station Terrace, Kensal Rise: it is a bit more tricky to run over, but it prob worth a try!



Anonymous said...

OK, Ed, solve this mystery. I've tried and failed.
What is the plaque or relief on the wall above Lupas pizza opposite the West Hampstead Library on Dennington Park Road?
There is a fawn with horns sticking out of it's head and the date...1882.
Any ideas?
Des B.

Ben said...

Not a problem in Bournemouth. The incumbent telco is still very much in business and keeps taking them out.

Has anyone asked ofcom about this?

Anonymous said...

Where has my comment about the plaque on the wall opposite the West Hampstead library gone?

Anonymous said...

Where will the prossies advertise and what will random drunks use as a toilet if they remove these.

I think turn them into drop in tanneries - make people orange -> lib dems.