Wednesday 15 April 2009

Hang on at the back - another new one

The speed of commercial change isn't just the market - some of it is also the consequence of something directly highly political and so we're back in South End Green seeing the emergence of a new salon and hairdressers.

Nothing against the company or the trade (genuinely) but it is in the site of ye olde South End Road Post Office

The flicker of commercial life in that the store isn't laying empty for month after month means that this development is welcome and indeed a warm welcome to ENZ.

[And with that warm welcome goes a small plea that you join in with the community activity, the fairs, the christmas lights and other local stuff - South End Green has a strong sense of community - let's keep it and make it even better!]

But my sense of justice for the elderly, those on low income and traders who needed the post office means I'm still slightly riled each time I recollect (pic left).

And I for one certainly won't be forgetting that our Labour MP failed to vote to save Post Offices when there was a close parliamentary vote in the House of Commons.

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