Monday 20 April 2009

My stance on MPs expenses

I've had so many questions on this I thought I'd lay out the basis for how I'd like to operate if I am fortunate enough to be elected as your local MP when the General Election is called...

1. I live in the constituency – it’s the least residents can expect from their local MP. I will never claim for a second home. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for second homes of London MPs.

2. I will never employ members of my family. My staff will be appointed on merit, not on connections and they will have to work hard to justify their salary.

3. I will voluntarily publish my accounts so that constituents can see where their money is going.

4. I will vote to abolish the infamous "John Lewis List" and for independent spot checks on MPs accounts.

5. I believe that staff employed by MPs should in fact be House of Commons staff and their pay and conditions should be determined under Civil Service terms. It is not fair that office staff are used as a political football.

6. I do not believe that MPs pay and expenses should be set by MPs.

Here's the 5 Live programme I was on today discussing this topic from the London home of John Mann MP (Labour, Bassetlaw): (from 1.05 minutes in)

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P said...

What's your stance on second homes for MPs that live outside London?