Friday 17 April 2009

Now it's West Hampstead that's moving...

Well, if you thought the pace of change was fast in Kilburn or South End Green, then here is the evidence that it's a pacey old world out there.

Here in West hampstead you really do need to watching and keeping a close eye on things.

It's goodbye The Vault, goodbye The Wash House and hello to The Alice House...

All three are on West End Lane but the point is a rather graphic illustration of how fast the business community moves.

West Hampstead has in recent years undergone a major rennaisance (depending on your likes and dislikes of course) but has developed a real cafe culture and a sense of evening bars into which you can easily drop in.

No doubt there are those who don't like the specifics, but I'm sure we can all join in being pleased that there is at least this level of vibrancy in the local economy.

So once again it's keep up at the back there... the world is a changing...

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