Thursday 7 May 2009

1828 and still going strong...

This isn't the most obvious thing and in fact i only spotted it by accident. I was photographing round Holly Hill, Hampstead, NW3 and decided to capture the Junior Branch of University College School (JB, UCS) - of which I am a Governor.

And there on the pavement in the railing is a splendid original iron post.

It reads:
St. Johns
B. Griffin
- & -
J. Kelly

St Johns is the parish of the church in Hampstead and it's a great little survivor of times gone by.

The post now is 180 years old which makes you pause and reflect when you see the quality of comparable street architecture being installed today across London...

In 1828 of course the world was a very different place: Wellington as Prime Minister, Andrew Jackson President of America, Zulu Leader Shaka dies, Francisco Goya the painter dies, Dante Gabriel Rosetti is born as is Leo Tolstoy... George IV has been on the throne for 8 years and will reign for a further 2.

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