Friday 30 May 2008

Do pavement surfaces really matter?

It's quite simple - the paving stones were damaged - largely by the resident, others in the street and indeed those visiting the street (sometimes with deliveries).

The Council comes along and takes out the broken stones and replaces it with tarmac.

All very straightforward except when the residents complain. Now there is a bit of an issue with York stone paving and people want the high quality maintained, but the main beef if that you end up with a totally hopscotched pavement surface.

I'm not saying that this pavement (location un-identified) isn't going to be replaced soon, but it just raises the spectre of does it matter?

What do the panel think...?

Ed Fordham

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In America they don't have this problem.All "sidewalks are concreteand are easily repaired after any digging up and they don't get crushed by lorries and cars.

I never could understand why the British have this obsession with paving slabs.