Saturday 31 May 2008

The Gambia and the wonders of west africa

The west african bug is back and it feels like a deep hold...

A trip to The Gambia was as magical as could be expected - great weather, stunning scenery and just wonderful people.

We managed to get off of the beaten track and go up-river. the costs is strongly touristed so it was good to use to the local bus-taxi's (bus's to us) as that gave a much more real flavour of the country and the people - they were also great places to chat to people.

Our visit co-incided with the visit of President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone and with a time when President Jammeh is trying to establish himself and is entertaining visits from all of his West African neighbours.

It is always easy to say the people are great - it's actually true of most places i've been - but in west africa there is a joy and a charm that is infectious and really quite special.... sigh! When to return?

Pciture: Ed Fordham in Bintang Bolon with a gaggle of local children

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Anonymous said...

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