Tuesday 6 May 2008

Thanks for all the ballots

Elections are funny things - huge amounts of effort, energy (esp. nervous energy) and resources - and yet the count is curiously odd.

The London elections being an electronic count are especially odd - the effect of a electronic count is to engender an atmosphere that feels almost anti-democratic.

The process is not open to scrutiny, when the machine jams (which happened quite a lot) and the papers get fed back in you worry that there is double counting... The whole atmosphere is that the bureaucrat knows best (and I like bureaucrats, but in this instance...).

So the count was Friday 2nd May - took literally all day - and felt amazingly lame. The counting was imperceptible, the box numbers didn't tally to anything I recognized and the only checking process that could be scrutinised was for spoilt or unclear papers.


But it is worth saying that Alexandra Palace was an amazing backdrop for an otherwise bizarre event!

So in the previous tradition, here are some shots from inside the count on Friday.

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Anonymous said...

What amazes me is the fact that there were 400,000 spoilt votes! 400,000 people's votes were ignored! I wonder who they voted for?
Electronic voting in the US has been thoroughly discredited. Vote rigging was going on all over the place.
A simple hand count has done the job for generations. Why do we need electronic counting? Because the result can be rigged, that's why!
Democracy is dead.