Thursday 19 June 2008

England's Lane to Hampstead Theatre...

Just walking around the patch is a joy and Eton Avenue is no exception - until 1800 it was pretty much a farmland estate and then was carved into the wide avenues it is today by a series of developers and business interests - and the architecture reflects the spread of ambition.

But I was really stuck by the grandeur and range of the gateposts - and within 100 yards or so captured these four great pictures.

If we have any modern understanding of what makes a place good, what makes a place special, what enhances people's pride and activity in maintaining an area it is this mix of quality in design and construction.

At either end of Eton Avenue is the England's Lane shopping area - seriously good range of local independent traders and at the other end Hampstead Theatre, Swiss Cottage Farmers Market and the Swiss Cottage Community Centre, Library and Leisure Centre. It's great to live here!

Ed Fordham

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