Wednesday 4 June 2008

Shop local - no really, you should and must!

I've gushed about how good specific shops and traders are on West End Lane and yep, here's another.

Farrants the fruitiers and greengrocers.

Fresh, open, like a market stall and full of the charm and simplicity that isn't a supermarket chain. My preference every time is for the little, independent local shop - and West Hampstead holds that secret by the spadefull.

Now of course Tesco is on the way, and the reality is that most people use these chains - despite preferring not to. But I increasingly find that I consciously don't buy fruit and vegetables from supermarket chains.

When I lived up in Hampstead I had a range of bread shops, which was a very special treat, here in West Hampstead we have a series of local indies.

Come on friends, get out there, shop in them, build some loyalty - our communities are all the better for them and we're the wiser for using them...

Quality, choice, price and community - do you need more reasons?

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