Wednesday 11 June 2008

If you down to the market today...

Gwan, gwan, gwan - it's Swiss Cottage farmer's market today...

Quite a good passing trade in a great location - just by Hampstead Theatre and the main tube entrance.

When such facilities aren't provided people always say they want them and when they are there they don't use them enough.

Well, it's back and there's no excuse - nip out there, buy your bread, cheese, meat - it's all far better quality than the supermarket, it cuts out the middle-man profit margin, supports independent traders and producers and it just so so much better for our sustainability.

Food policy is important stuff - too often disregarded and much of the worlds' problems hinge on the knotty issue of food provision - this market is a small but highly significant piece of the jigsaw and today you have a chance to play your part.

So, boycott the supermarket for just today, and go to the farmers market - your diet will be the winner and your family and community will gain benefits too. (Oh and tell others! Please.)

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