Tuesday 8 July 2008

The importance of ye olde community festival

For me the community is a crucial piece of philosophy - I believe that decisions are best taken at the lowest possible level to whom they affect, that activity and initiatives are instinctively best bottom up, that activism is a virtue...

So for me the Jester Festival is a crucial piece of life for my local community - we (local Liberal Democrats) have a cake stall (also selling bagels, jams, books, homemade lemonade) - but it's a chance for people to come together, socialise and chat.

The selling of the cakes is a great fundraiser, but it's also a great piece of team glue.

We have a great team locally, they are committed, fun, vibrant and it's festivals such as this that help that notion grow and cement itself...
So roll on Kilburn Festival, Swiss Cottage Festival and Belsize (?). It's the year off for South End Green.

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