Thursday 10 July 2008

Thanks to Dee Doocey and Caroline Pidgeon

The future of local police stations have been hanging in the balance since the Metropolitan Police Authority confirmed the proposed closure of Hampstead Police Station.

This has been a major issue and residents have been very against the plans.

To that end we submitted the FOI request which confirmed the closure plans, led the media campaign, submitted a massive petition to Sir Ian Blair and the MPA, have consistently kept residents informed of what is going on.

So yesterday was the plenary session of the Greater London Authority with Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse answering questions on policing and crime.

My huge personal thanks to Assembly Members Dee Doocey and Caroline Pidgeon who spoke up and asked detauiled questions on the MPA Asset Management Plan. It was confirmed that it was being put on hold, that there was now more time and that the consultation was flawed. Of course Camden looked pretty good as we accounted for 55.2% of all of the submissions across London.

Here are the main reports:

You can see here the pic of myself and fellow police campaign Jo Shaw (Holdborn and St Pancras) with Dee and Caroline. It was great that they stood up for us and really reassuring that we have at least three months to get a meaningful dialgoue back on the table.

What puzzled me - and more on this to follow- was why there was so little questioning from the Conservative mnembers of the authority - this has been one of the biggest issues facing the area and yet they sat there in silence... all slightly bizarre.

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