Monday 7 July 2008

Jester Festival triumph

It's always great fun and this year the West Hampstead Jester Festival was no exception.

The Festival takes places (every year since 1973) on Fortune Green - which is the green at the top of Fortune Green Road, by the cemetery and near the Greek Streets (Ulysses and Ajax etc) .
So much, as with all street festivals is weather dependent and this year we got away with it - just. There was some drizzle but there was more sunshine.
The things that shone through for me were the acts - an amazing array of local talent - singers, guitarists, bass, dancing and ukelele (sp?) and more.
Some of the groups who entertained the crowd:
- Miss Cookie (wow what a voice...)
- Illegal Immigrant
- Young Music makers
- West hampstead Hooley Band
Who could not admire the Emmanuel school choir? And the lad with the hair and the guitar in the three piece rock band - wow... Pictures to follow (they're on a different camera).
Well done to one and all - a great team of local volunteers, hardy regulars and the strong network of local organisations. Special thanks to the West Hampstead Business Networkand Dutch and Dutch for their sponsorship and to all the other businesses that also gave their support in such a variety of ways...

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