Saturday 17 January 2009

Gwan, gwan, gwan - stop and stare

So today we are looking at the The Roebuck Hotel, Pond Street.

Until you pause, step back and look up you don't have a real sense of just how big the damned place it - three stories with a full pediment atop it is truly large and with the landscape of the hill it really takes you by surprise.

It has a pretty long historical pedigree having opened circa 1860.

Nineteenth century directories for NW London list the landlords/licensees as:

1866 - William John Tolladay
1885-7 - G F Dettmer
1874 directory - Paul Paris
1894 - William J Harris

This is just opposite the Royal Free Hospital - it's an old hotel and has a great demeanour - it dominates the street.

The frontage has a pretty impressive stucco polychrome buck at the top of the building - it's well worth a pause to have a proper look...

It has a good reputation for live acts and music generally, but the license hours can be controversial due to the residential nature of the locality.

Well worth popping down to, but don't stay too late and please keep quiet as you leave!

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