Wednesday 21 January 2009

31 years old this year - murals from the street

Regular readers of this blog will know my fascination and appreciation of local murals and here is a good 'un!

It's the railway bridge on Abbey Road as it crosses Belsize Road and this is the east side.

It is identified as being "Kids painting summer '78" and is beginning to look a tad tatty but it retains both it's charm, interest and an astonishing level of detail.

It has great artistic qualities - childlike, colourful, bold and varied...

There's a range of others that have been detailed on this site previously - some newish, many of them old:

So here we go - let's show it off in full colour - hopefully the sections can be seen bit by bit as you look along the bridge left to right looking east:

I've tried to paste it up section by section but it proved amusingly difficult:

Does anyone know the then youngsters who painted it - were you there - is it your igloo, monster, house etc?

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Anonymous said...

Errrr it's not Belsize Lane, it is Belsize Road!

I know as I walk over this bridge day in day out! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh and it's 31 years old from 1978, not 21!

Ed Fordham said...

good to know ur reading at the back there!